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Sister's Whimzy is an idea that started on a whim and became whimzical -- all on its own!

So, we decided to embark on this adventure with hopes of creating fun and exciting items with an emphasis on personalization! So get your "whimzy" on and come along with us for the ride!

We've opened in a new location; more space, more inventory and it's just right down the road. Whether you're looking for Totes, Bags, Jewelry or just some fun things, we have it for you, personalized for any occasion!  And clothing! Find something that gets your groove on and contact us to order!

Even more treats can be found on our FB Business Page!


Stone Tiles -
comes with easel
Paw Hoop Earrings
Hand Sanitizer Bottles
  Scarf Jewelry
Personalized iPhone Covers
Redneck Wine Glasses
Personalized Plates
Wrap Bracelets
Bear Paw Bracelet
Personalized Trunksters
Personalized Trunksters with
insulated liner - $24.99
Whimzy Warmers
Monogrammed Dog Bowls
Personalized Paddle Brushes
Bright Flowers
Grocery Tote
$7.99 ($11.99 w/ insert)
Personalized Tumblers

Cross Necklaces
$14.99 @
Patent Tote
Patent Tote
Damask Grocery Tote
$7.99  ($11.99 w/ insert)

and so much more.....

If you see something you like, you may order by contacting us via email or Facebook.  Thank you for your business!
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